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1802 (200-300gr)

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Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Weight: 460.0000G
Lenght 180cm
Jig&Lure WT 200-300gr
2 parts
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Model Lenght (cm) Jig&Lure WT (gr) Component Weight (gr)
Model 1802 (200-300 gr) 180 200-300 Pacific bay guide, reel seat, gimbal, butt cap 460


We offer home manufacturing of the material “prepreg” (prepreg on Wikipedia) from the nano-polymeric-composite materials used for the production of the super flexible and extra high strength boat fishing rods applied by such methods as Stand Up, Trolling, Popping, Jig and other kinds of saltwater fishing. Elite components “Pacific Bay” are used. The 5 years limited warranty for our rods is offered.

Component: Pacific bay guide, reel seat, gimbal, butt cap.


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